Supporting Loved Ones in Memory Care During the Holidays at Rockbridge Oaks in Chattanooga, Tennessee


The holiday season is a time of joy, tradition, and togetherness, a time when families come together to celebrate and create cherished memories. For those with loved ones living in memory care, the holidays can be both heartwarming and challenging. At Rockbridge Oaks in Chattanooga, Tennessee, we understand the unique needs and desires of individuals with memory-related conditions and are committed to providing the highest level of care and support. In this blog, we’ll explore how you can support your loved ones in memory care during the holidays, highlighting our Valeo™ Memory Care Neighborhood and AgeWell Solvere Living signature programs.

Memory Care at Rockbridge Oaks

Our Valeo Memory Care Neighborhood is designed with the well-being and thriving of residents with memory-related conditions in mind. Valeo, derived from the Latin word “to thrive,” encapsulates our commitment to helping individuals with memory loss lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Valeo Approach: Thriving in Memory Care 

  • At Rockbridge Oaks, we understand that each resident is unique and deserves personalized care and attention. Our Valeo approach focuses on:
    • Individualized Care: We tailor care plans to meet each resident’s specific needs, preferences, and abilities.
    • Purposeful Engagement: Our AgeWell Solvere Living signature programs provide activities and therapies designed to engage residents in a meaningful way.
    • Dignified Living: We prioritize maintaining residents’ dignity and self-respect in every aspect of their care.

Supporting Loved Ones During the Holidays

  • Travel Times: Bringing the Holidays to Memory Care
      • Create Familiarity: Decorate your loved one’s living space with familiar holiday decorations, photographs, and cherished ornaments.
      • Share Memories: Engage in storytelling and reminiscing about past holiday traditions, encouraging your loved one to share their own memories.
      • Participate Together: Include your loved one in simple holiday activities like crafting ornaments or baking cookies.
  • Create & Compose: Expressing Holiday Spirit Creatively
      • Art Therapy: Engage your loved one in art and craft activities, which can provide a creative outlet and stimulate cognitive function.
      • Music and Singing: Singing holiday songs and playing familiar tunes can evoke joy and positive emotions.
      • Photography: Capture special moments together through photography, creating a visual holiday memory album.
  • Legacy Kit: Honoring Memories and TraditionsSenior with Caregiver
    • Memory Box: Create a memory box filled with items that hold sentimental value, such as letters, photographs, or small keepsakes.
    • Recipe Exchange: Share and prepare cherished family recipes, allowing your loved one to contribute to the holiday feast.
    • Holiday Stories: Record your loved one’s holiday stories and traditions for future generations to cherish.

Anytime Restaurant-Style DiningSeniors Enjoying Dinner

At Rockbridge Oaks, we believe in providing a dignified dining experience. Our anytime restaurant-style dining allows residents to enjoy meals on their schedule, promoting flexibility and individual preferences. This approach ensures that residents can savor delicious, nutritious meals while maintaining a sense of independence and choice.

Upholding Legacy: A Shared Responsibility

The concept of legacy is deeply rooted in our human experience. As we age, preserving and upholding one’s legacy becomes increasingly important. At Rockbridge Oaks, we recognize that our role is not just to provide care but also to honor the legacy of each resident. Here’s how you can contribute:

  • Celebrate Achievements: Acknowledge your loved one’s life accomplishments and share these stories with others.
  • Continue Traditions: Carry on cherished family traditions and ensure they are passed down to future generations.
  • Personalized Mementos: Encourage your loved one to create personalized mementos or keepsakes that reflect their life journey.

When Is the Right Time for Memory Care?

If you are considering memory care for your loved one, our When is the Right Time for Memory Care survey can provide valuable insights. This quick, 5-minute questionnaire can help you assess your loved one’s needs and determine if memory care is the appropriate choice.

Supporting loved ones in memory care during the holidays is a special opportunity to create meaningful and joyous moments together. At Rockbridge Oaks in Chattanooga, Tennessee, our Valeo Memory Care Neighborhood and AgeWell Solvere Living signature programs are designed to enhance the well-being and quality of life for individuals with memory-related conditions. By incorporating personalized holiday traditions, fostering creativity, and upholding legacies, you can make this holiday season truly memorable for your loved one. We are here to provide the care and support your family needs, and our commitment to your loved one’s thriving and well-being is unwavering. To learn more or schedule a tour online of our community, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your loved one’s journey is our shared priority.